– Shore Up

Two words, bumping around in my mind and heart, almost annoyingly so.
It’s a term that originated from sailors at sea, referring to the process of stabilising their ships between the storms. It’s a timely term; storms seem to keep hitting our ships daily, as we tentatively take steps towards feeling ‘Semi-Normal’ as a society.

Basically Shoring Up means stopping and taking check. Are you focussing on things that give you assurance, peace and hope or the opposite? It doesn’t mean burying your head in the sand but it can mean focussing on the things you can control… things that you can stabilise.

1. For me, it means turning off media, or turning it down at least. We can’t control the numbers. Cases seem to be popping up in random spots, and it seems to be like chasing the wind. And we definitely can’t control the wind.

2. It means connecting with people that give you life. Ones where you leave the discussion feeling loved & understood. True friendship should be nourishing to the soul, both giving & receiving.

3. A digital check is necessary. Is the social media engine controlling you, or are you controlling it? Do you come away feeling encouraged or depleted and insecure? Unfollowing or muting some accounts seems harsh but sometimes it’s necessary. The more you follow people who uplift you, the more the engine will put them in your feed. Social media is powerful, but so are you.

4. And lastly…where do your thoughts go as soon as you wake? Neuroscience evidence suggests that while you sleep the brain’s trillions of nerve cells are literally rewiring themselves, fresh for a new day. The term is Neurogenesis and each day it offers the chance to begin again. Your early morning focus will influence your thought patterns for the rest of the day. I like to start my day in nature, the comforting predictability and beauty of it comforts me; knowing that there is a creator who created me. He provides for the birds of the air and I know He will do the same for me. This may look different according to your beliefs, but where you start your days is often where it ends, so focussing on comforting truths is a great way to start.

This feature photo was taken during one of our “Shore Up” days.  We were going through a particularly hard period in the business.  Ends were not being met.  We were also going through the costly process of selling our small house, which we had well & truly outgrown since the arrival of our 7th babe. Despite houses selling quickly around us, ours was sitting on the market for months, as we prepared for opens week in week out.  We had also just been told that we would need a miracle to be approved for a loan on a new house even if ours did sell for a good price. Our new baby was a non-sleeper to boot so I was awake in the night having terse words with the Lord about why He led us to take this leap of faith in believing for a bigger house for our brood.  Maybe I had heard incorrectly? Maybe I was just being plain stupid, but now we had spent all this money in the process……

So what did we do? We decided to pause the next open house and take a few days to ‘Shore Up’.  We decided to skip the kids’ basketball games one wet Saturday and head down the beach to visit Sime’s parents.  His parents have a deep faith and we knew we could glean from it.  As we loaded up in the car, a huge rainbow appeared overhead.  Well it was a rainy day…. so what? Just a lovely coincidence.

After a lunch and some prayer, we decided to head to the beach.  It looked like a storm was brewing but we decided to throw caution to the wind, we grabbed the kids, the jackets and headed out into the spitting wind. Anything to breathe that salty air.  And aren’t we glad we did!? As we stepped onto the beach, the rain cleared and the most beautifully clear double rainbow appeared over us.  The photo didn’t do it justice, it really was a significant moment.

We truly felt this represented the leap of faith we were taking in selling the house.  We just knew that God would be faithful and that there was something wonderful waiting for us on the other side of the storm we were in.

Once we took this moment to Shore up our beliefs and hopes, we went back refreshed, strong and ready.  Within a couple of weeks our house had sold and we managed to purchase a home that was beyond our dreams.  A set of miracles took place for it to happen, and we are still so grateful.  I am also grateful we didn’t get intimidated by the storm of negative circumstances that surrounded us.

So as the storms continue to rumble around us, my friends… pandemics, sickness, wars…. take a moment to Shore Up your foundations. You won’t regret it.

Much Love, Greta… The Butcher’s Wife xx