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The Butcher’s Wife

I am a Mother of eight …. so why do I still feel like a kid playing grown-ups?

I have a background in education but over the past 15 years, it is these 8 precious humans that have been my study and obsession, as well as helping my husband in our small business where I can.

I hunger to know more about life, love, faith and particularly the science behind creation. There are many areas I lack but I want to learn more. I am hoping that this can be a forum in which I can share some pearls I have found. It feels pointless to learn alone so I am hoping through this blog I can journey and learn alongside others. I would love you to join me. I am planning to post regularly on various topics where I know I need help, and it hopefully speak to the heart of others also.  And just maybe….. I will soon make it to adulthood!


Feb 2020

Turning Back For Elsie…..

Posted by Greta Dench

Elsie is 1 today.  No big deal really.  I actually didn’t get around to buying her a present and she had a …


Jul 2019

Falling in love with Benji

Posted by Greta Dench

I have to say the last few months have been significant & beautiful.  I have been falling in love with my Benji.  …


May 2019


Posted by Greta Dench

    I think at the core of every human being is the desire, the need, to be seen.  Not to necessarily be …